Have You Ever Had Trouble Identifying a Bird Feather?

Well, now you can learn how to identify any feather you find!

With this 3-DAY course you’ll learn:

How to Tell the Difference Between an Owl, Hawk & Turkey Feather

The 5 Shapes of Bird Wings and Their Role in Identification

Using The 7 Questions to Bird Identification to ID the Feathers You Find

The 4 Primary Functions of Feathers

What Sets Wing, Tail & Body Feathers Apart

Fancy Terms Like Emargination & Camber

Learning to

identify bird



once you know

what to look


Join Bird Mentor for this 3-Day course.

You’ll get:

One information-packed video lesson each day.

Personalized online support from Kristi or one of the other Bird Mentors.

Daily activities that put what you learn in the videos into practice.


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Founder & Course Facilitator, Kristi Dranginis.

Kristi has been studying birds for over 20 years.

In addition to teaching thousands of people all across the country about Deep Bird Language, she worked on Great Gull Island banding Arctic Terns, Mesa Verde National Park banding hummingbirds & helped to start The Dipper Project in Southwest Colorado.

Kristi is the best bird coach ever.
Deborah D.

Small Business Owner

Brings a meticulous system of observation to the art of birding that I haven’t seen with other expert birders.

Dwight F.

Accountant, Maria's Bookshop

Taught me how to learn about birds, not just bird facts.

Elyse K.

Dentist, Great Old Broads for Wilderness