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So you want to know a little more about who these bird nerds are and what they're up to?

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Kristi walks a very graceful line between letting you learn to answer your own questions and providing direction so you can do that.  And sometimes she just gives you the answer, which is great, too.
Lee Verner

Marriage and Family Therapist

Becoming a birder is like learning to play the piano. You need to learn what to look for. To make any progress at all, you need to find a top notch teacher.  I have met a number of expert birders and none of them bring the same meticulous system of observation to the art of birding as Kristi.
Dwight Frankfather



The course helped me IMMENSELY and I so appreciate you Kristi. You taught us how to learn about birds not just bird facts!

Elyse Klingener