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Last Revised: January 1, 2019


The Bird Mentor – Canvas Learning Management System is for educational purposes only.

All posts in our forum are for discussion and educational purposes.

Bird Mentor, LLC, their owners, employees, and content providers (authors, speakers, performers, teachers, mentors, photographers, and other members) shall not be liable for injury, death, damage, or loss allegedly arising from any information (video, written, audio, PDF, etc…) contained in the Bird Mentor – Canvas Learning Management System website.

No actual content (video, mp3, articles, eBooks, PDF, etc.) from Bird Mentor – Canvas Learning Management System may be shared publicly, privately or sold outside this website without the consent of Bird Mentor, LLC. Students may download content for their own use only. No information may be downloaded and shared with groups of people or classes as well.

No student may share log in information for other people to use. Accounts are single user only.

That said, we encourage students to LEARN here, and share their knowledge with others. This encourages students to mentor others from their own experiences rather than to simply copy materials and give them to people they know. Our goal is to help students become mentors themselves.

All students must be respectful of other members within the Forum and other social networking aspects of this site. Students not adhering to the guidelines outlined in the Community Forum, in the Forum, may have their accounts terminated. Guidelines are posted in the Forum. A member who does not agree to the forum guidelines may maintain membership by simply not posting the forums.

No student may send unsolicited sales messages to other students in the private messaging feature.

Bird Mentor is not responsible for information shared between students.

Any student not acting within the bounds of our Terms of Service will have their accounts terminated.