What People Are Saying

Kristi has enabled me to open my eyes and ears more fully and thus more fully appreciate these beautiful and interesting feathered neighbors . . .      and in turn all of nature. You taught me HOW to learn about birds not just bird facts.

My life is richer for having taken this class.

Elyse Klingener

Retired Family Dentist

Thank you for striking the spark that has me noticing lovely birds everywhere.

Tricia Karpfen

Co-founder, Shanta Foundation

Kristi walks a very graceful line between letting you learn to answer your own questions and providing direction so you can do that.      And sometimes she just gives you the answer, which is great, too.

I loved the class!

Lee Verner

Retired Teacher & Marriage and Family Therapist

Kristi, you are an awesome and supportive teacher. You do an amazing job inspiring your students to observe and tune in to all aspects of birding.

Robert Winslow

Internationally Known Nature Photographer, Robert Winslow Photo

You are the best bird coach ever!

Deborah Demme

Owner, There's No Place Like Home

I can’t tell you, Kristi, how much your class has brought me this spring. It’s opened a whole new world to me, and has just been spiritually fulfilling and emotionally enriching. You are a gem.

Shelley Silbert

Executive Director, Great Old Broads for Wilderness

“I’ve learned to slow down and see something new in places I have gone to for 20 years.”

Andrea Avantaggio

Owner, Maria’s Bookshop