That’s actually totally up to you!


Some folks complete the course in 8 months.

While others, they take as long as they want,

working on what they can as time allows.

Does that sound like a long time??

National Park Service, Alaska, Flickr Creative Commons


Well, think about how long you have been trying

to learn about birds on your own.


Remember all of the books, tours, videos, podcasts and websites you participated in, dug through, stared at, hemmed and hawed over.

After all of that, you certainly learned something…..right??







You know, I have been there!


When I was 20, after I truly fell in love with birds, I tried learning on my own.  But, it always seemed that somehow I just couldn’t get beyond the basics. 


I was often left exasperated after seeing a new bird, never quite knowing where to start or how to be sure my guess was even right.


Maybe you can relate?


So, when you add up all of the time you’ve already spent trying to learn about birds on your own. . .


Then, consider that in just 8 months you could actually become a skillful birder….


8 months doesn’t seem like that long anymore, does it??


What if you could accelerate your capacity to learn about birds?


It wasn’t until I met Jon Young, the founder of The Wilderness Awareness School and creator of The 8 Shields Mentoring Model, in my early 20’s that I finally started to see the world through natural eyes.

Using an ancient method of teaching called Coyote Mentoring  I began to learn at a depth and rate I had never experienced before.

With this approach you don’t actually feel like you are learning, so in the beginning, it had the appearance of getting me nowhere fast.

 Until one day I recognized that I was learning more than I’d learned in years.

In just a short time, I was able to identify and interpret more than many of the birders who’d been at it much longer than I had.

 After this happened, I knew there was something both unique and powerful about Coyote Mentoring.

This model is at the core of

everything you’ll learn with Bird Mentor.

But, first you must know . . .

By the time you finish the course ~

it may appear to others that you are incapable of carrying on a complete intelligent conversation anymore.

Why? You might ask!!




You see, this perceived distractability of yours is one of the telltale signs that you have developed a heightened sense of awareness to the subtleties in the world around you.

In fact, one of the most common forms of feedback I receive from my students is that they are able to see and hear more than they ever thought possible.

It’s as if the world suddenly became filled with bigger, brighter and sweeter sounding birds than ever before.

And, although it may appear to your loved ones that you are no longer paying attention to what they are saying anymore, the truth is, you are not only hearing what they are saying, you are now also hearing what the birds just outside your window are saying too.