What About The Ladies?

I was leading a bird walk for a sassy group of women from Texas this summer and we were having a blast. Unfortunately, one of the women was constantly struggling to find the birds we were seeing in her field guide.

I didn’t want her to feel frustrated with her experience, so I walked over to see if I could help. That’s when I noticed something strange and a little disconcerting about the field guide she was using.

Check out today’s video to hear what we discovered. I’ll also share some of the distinguishing characteristics of the Hooded Merganser and the Eared Grebe.

Thank you to the generous folks who share their work on Flickr Creative Commons, especially:

1. Eared Grebe – John Kendall – 2011
2. Hooded Merganser – Male – Nigel – 2012
3. Hooded Merganser – Female – Paul Albertella – 2013