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Nature Connection Family Summit

A virtual village of connection

Have you ever been at a campout with skilled nature connection mentors who inspired your kids to go outside again? (Maybe you haven’t but you have wanted to?)

Have you sat by a campfire and listened to stimulating conversations that made you wonder, “Why don’t we do this all the time?”

Have your kids ever fallen asleep listening to that favorite Auntie or Uncle telling a story?

Maybe you have read about how animals are naturally attuned to us?

Or you have heard that birds have a “language” that when understood, can lead to fox, bobcat, snakes, weasels and even mountain lions!

Perhaps you have heard recently about “forest bathing.”

Are your kids looking for fun games to play? Want to see how music can lighten the heavy?

Sleep schedules are disrupted? Tech an issue? “Home-Schooling” your kiddo now?

Wondering how to stay sane??

Join us in an international “virtual fire-side” conversation where these skills, activities, and so much more are brought right to your living room!

First session begins Wednesday, March 25th 2020 @ 3:00PM EDT

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Nine consecutive days of nature connected conversation, supportive information, and activities for the whole family.

  • Bridging bird language for parents and children,
  • Games, Games, stories and more games.
  • Occupational therapy for home and backyard
  • Sleep support and natural rhythms
  • Winter and mud season outdoor activities
  • Ayurveda, Health, natural rhythms, and herbal support
  • Urban Nature connection
  • Forest bathing
  • Music and song to bring people together (at a distance!)
  • A wild calling! Endearing support from animals.
  • Bridging community
  • Creating a “Family Tech Plan”

STAY TUNED AS WE ADD information about THE STELLAR LINEUP OF NATURE-CONNECTION EXPERTS who will bring their enthusiasm, skill and support to your backyard!

Kathleen Lockyer

Kathleen Lockyer has been called a primary instigator of change, but her favorite nicknames are “Mama K” and “Auntie K.” Kathleen has raised two phenomenal daughters, each forging their own educational and learning pathways. She reports that she has fallen in love with more kids and families than she can count! Her work offers a path forward in difficult times.

Kathleen has spent the last 25 years as an “outside the box” occupational therapist, creating the Nature-Led Approach. This approach marries science, nature connection, and human development in a way that lessens overwhelm and helps the future look a lot brighter.

Most of Kathleen’s time is now spent raising awareness about the epidemic of developmental challenges kids face, and to training others to solve many of these problems by using a Nature-Led Approach. She consults for public and private schools, outdoor programs, works privately with families, and is a speaker and writer.

Kathleen is the founder of Rx Outside.

Oh, and she also co-founded a non-profit organization in 2003, now in its 16th year in San Luis Obispo County, CA to bring nature back to learning and development!