The American Dipper is an amazing bird. Although it is a song bird, it often behaves more like a duck as it dives underwater, floats down small rapids and sings a most lovely and odd bubbling song.

The reason the American Dipper is so important is that it is one of the best indicators of a healthy mountain water system. Dippers have actually been known to abandon streams that become too polluted.

Given the events of last summer (i.e. Gold King mine spill) we feel it is important to take note in an organized fashion of the comings and goings of this curious and helpful resident of our local waterways.

To do this we need as many inspired bird lovers as possible!


Video, Doug Jones, Vimeo.

During the months of April – July we will be conducting an observational study of the American Dipper along portions of the Animas River.

  • We need you, your binoculars, (a GPS if you have one) and your love of watching birds.
  • Each observation session will last from 1-3 hours at least 3 days a month.
  • Our first training session will be held on April 23 from 3:00pm-5:00pm.